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If it’s social impact assessment, stakeholder engagement, education programs, compliance with regulation or improving your social license to operate we can develop custom strategies to meet your needs. 

We live in a world where higher standards of social responsibility are demanded of organisations and projects. At The Missing Link, we know how critical impact assessment, stakeholder engagement and communications are for successful operation and project delivery. The Missing Link are committed to assisting our partners with building long term relationships, trust and social license to operate. We have supported our clients with enhancing their corporate social responsibility processes, engagement strategies and ensured projects provide the desired mutual benefits to their host communities. 

The Missing Link assist communities, businesses, government agencies and not-for-profit organisations to enhance their social standings and to engage meaningfully with stakeholders. We can build comprehensive representations of the communities in which we operate through Social Impact Assessment and develop and implement industry leading, effective, and highly practical stakeholder and community engagement programs.

The Missing Link can also develop and implement education programs tailored to your organisations needs. Our team understands your specific target audience and how to communicate even the most technical elements of your operations in a manner that makes it relevant and understandable. 

What we offer:

  • Social impact assessment

  • Stakeholder engagement

  • Environmental education and training

  • Enhanced social license to operate

  • Sustainability communications and public awareness

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