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We provide clear strategies for organisations that value sustainability. Whether you are looking at pathways to net zero or want to minimise risks and increase the efficiency of your operations we can tailor a solution for you. 

Dedicated to finding practical and effective solutions to complex problems, we support the delivery of successful projects, community development and enhanced socio-economic outcomes through sustainable development, management strategies and information sharing. We focus on energy use and improved systems to drive sustainability, creating meaningful improvements to the organisations, communities and the environment in which work and live. 

The Missing Link work closely with the energy industry to support the transition to low carbon energy supply. Supporting clients with successful projects from large scale wind and solar to community owned microgrid solutions.

Within organisations we focus on systems and facilities to reduce operational costs, risks and waste while increasing efficiency and sustainability. We believe that implementing energy efficiency and management systems is the simplest and most cost-effective way to increase sustainability and drive change for a more sustainable future. Our team have undertaken audits and developed management systems for a range of organisations that have seen both financial and environmental enhancements. We can work with you to determine your carbon footprint and develop your most effective pathway to net-zero, assisting you in your transition.

What we offer:

  • Energy efficiency and renewable energy

  • Sustainable development and planning

  • Eco-efficiency and carbon foot printing

  • Energy auditing

  • Pathways to net zero

  • Integrated management systems (IMS)

  • Climate change and resilience

  • Environmental sustainability policy, legislation, protection and compliance

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